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trees (1280x723)

I love trees
They do not judge

They stand still
They forgive
They do not try to fix

They sway
Branches waving
Leaves laughing
They do not lecture

They do not blame

I love watching trees
They stand still

They see
Their gaze pierces
This tired veil

Leaves shine and laugh
They shimmer in the sun
They know something

Branches extend
They make room
For a bird to land
With ease
They teach me

If I didn’t know better
I would spend my
Whole life watching them

(photo credit – Michał Parzuchowski)

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  1. Nirupa bhangar

    July 23, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Sameer, I loved this. Maybe this is what meditation does. Makes us trees even if it is just for those brief moments.

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