My eyes open
Mind wanders
Like it always does
I sit on this old
Wooden bench
In a shaded spot
Where the garden
Trail ends
Moss between planks
Words and peace signs
Engraved on the back

I close my eyes
For a minute
Come back to myself

Now open again
I see dried yellow petals
Fill the floor and shine
Just a bit more
I hear laughs
A couple and their dog
Lie on a mat in the grass

Everything is the same
And yet shifted
Just slightly

A bit brighter
A bit louder
A bit more clear
A bit softer
A bit slower
A bit more quiet

What does it mean
To be awake
Even just a little

As spring leaves us
This end of June
What is ripe
Waiting for harvest
What has bloomed
But not ready to fall

Summer creates a thirst
These birds gather
By the pond
Before it dries up