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Sitting in the Woods


An angel walked by
As I sat in the woods

Switching from
Text messages
And social streams

To butterflies
Dancing in the leaves

They chase each other
Almost touching

The next move

A gentleman in his sixties
Walks by and asks
In a clear unhurried British voice –

“Are you sitting and writing that next sonnet
To add to your collection
Soaking in inspiration from this bench?”

I wasn’t but now I am 🙂
Not a sonnet but a something

The butterflies are back
This time for longer

My attention no longer
Pulls away

(This is from an early July afternoon when I was procrastinating email responses and other responsibilities. Instead of working, I went for a walk in a forested area in the city, and found a bench to sit on and read. I enjoy capturing these random chance encounters.)


trees (1280x723)

I love trees
They do not judge

They stand still
They forgive
They do not try to fix

They sway
Branches waving
Leaves laughing
They do not lecture

They do not blame

I love watching trees
They stand still

They see
Their gaze pierces
This tired veil

Leaves shine and laugh
They shimmer in the sun
They know something

Branches extend
They make room
For a bird to land
With ease
They teach me

If I didn’t know better
I would spend my
Whole life watching them

(photo credit – Michał Parzuchowski)