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Gas Lamps

An old street lamp
Two yellow lights
Hang dimly above
This engraved pole

Gas lamps replaced
With electric lights
He sits and rests
Against this tree trunk

Listens to friends
On this park bench
By the Willamette river
Whispering friendship

The yellow light
Casts a grey shadow
Of four bodies
Shade in the night

This tree has seen
Many friends sit
Some on the bench
Some closer

Today it remembers
The days when gas lamps
Did not exist


(Written in August 2016 while at WDS in Portland. Other pieces written during that week – here and here)

Help Me See


My good friend Jay Waltmunson and I hosted a workshop-style creativity meetup at WDS 2016, where we combined blindfolded photography, movement and writing. Each of us who attended imagined summer as a six year old, and used the 2-3 words that came up as inspiration for taking a photograph while being led blindfolded. We then wrote for 5 minutes whatever came to mind about the photograph and the experience. We had a blast putting this together and there were a number of fun and meaningful aha moments in the group.

As a six year old I remember making up games and playing these made up games with friends in our building in Bombay. That’s what came to mind for me and the photo I took was one of another pair playing this blindfolded photography “game” that Jay and I had just made up. My picture was a bit fuzzy, so I picked Jay’s fancy camera photo instead, does a better job of capturing what I had in mind.

And here’s a little poem from the writing part of the exercise.


Many days
I walk around
Eyes open
Heart asleep

Today eyes closed
She guides me
I sense
I feel
I see

I see the feel of the wind
The Willamette river
The curious ladies
Who ask if we’re training dogs
I see myself uncensored

The world in play
My eyes open
Her eyes shine
A wee bit brighter

We both see!

Some days
I need a friend
To wake me up
Hold my hand
Tell me what I’m looking up

Oh how I forget
What it feels like
To see
The water
The trees
Kids screaming in the fountain

New friends playing
With creativity
And blindfolded

(Another poem from WDS 2016 is here – Inspired by Zach Anner)