No one to please
Nowhere to be
These yellow stone walls
Stand firm
In Old Jaffa town

A writer sits
At the top
On the edge
In this tiny

So many people to impress
In a single lifetime
An impossible quest
And useless if possible

A cold sip of beer
On a sunny afternoon
Hits the spot (as they say)
He feels it in his fingers

The roaring waves
Sound softer than they look
Chasing each other
Racing to shore
None make it intact

Meanwhile in the background
Here in Israel
I hear the sound of crows
And Tina Turner
On the radio

“What’s Love got to do with it”
A reminder of our worlds connected

She’ll soon be drowned out
By the call for evening prayer

(Written in March 2016 at the Aladin Cafe in Old Jaffa. Was my first visit to the middle east, where I spent four days in Tel Aviv and two in Istanbul)