My good friend Jay Waltmunson and I hosted a workshop-style creativity meetup at WDS 2016, where we combined blindfolded photography, movement and writing. Each of us who attended imagined summer as a six year old, and used the 2-3 words that came up as inspiration for taking a photograph while being led blindfolded. We then wrote for 5 minutes whatever came to mind about the photograph and the experience. We had a blast putting this together and there were a number of fun and meaningful aha moments in the group.

As a six year old I remember making up games and playing these made up games with friends in our building in Bombay. That’s what came to mind for me and the photo I took was one of another pair playing this blindfolded photography “game” that Jay and I had just made up. My picture was a bit fuzzy, so I picked Jay’s fancy camera photo instead, does a better job of capturing what I had in mind.

And here’s a little poem from the writing part of the exercise.


Many days
I walk around
Eyes open
Heart asleep

Today eyes closed
She guides me
I sense
I feel
I see

I see the feel of the wind
The Willamette river
The curious ladies
Who ask if we’re training dogs
I see myself uncensored

The world in play
My eyes open
Her eyes shine
A wee bit brighter

We both see!

Some days
I need a friend
To wake me up
Hold my hand
Tell me what I’m looking up

Oh how I forget
What it feels like
To see
The water
The trees
Kids screaming in the fountain

New friends playing
With creativity
And blindfolded

(Another poem from WDS 2016 is here – Inspired by Zach Anner)