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Disengaged Rat

He sat for long
With folded knees

Contemplating loops
No birds
No bees

White walls
Grey desk
Humming PCs

Polite as a mouse
Bosses to please

Meetings about meetings
Vision strategies

Conformance training
HR policies

Morale events
Designed to appease

Corporate values
What the fuck
Are these?

He stood up today
To ask the trees

Can someone please
Move my cheese!


(Source of inspiration for this one – chats with my friend Sarah and posts from her Happy Rat blog, such as this and thisΒ :))


  1. Hello lovely friend – this is genius! I love the tie with the move my cheese book πŸ˜€ You have such a simple and wonderfully direct style, both building in the magical and ordinary. The meetings about meetings is also really great too, that sense of circularity without purpose in certain types of work, and then the pain of being aware of it all as you’re participating πŸ˜€ Keep writing! So so great. Hugs, Sarah (aka The Happy Rat who is sometimes disillusioned).

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