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Two Hand Dance

I walk my bike up
This steep hill
Look across the street
And stop still

His tiny left hand
Wraps daddy’s shoulder
His tiny body
Leans over

His little right hand
Just barely touches
The metal handle of a
Rumbling lawn mower

Dad’s left hand grips
This heavy machine
His right gently holds
His two year old son

Backs tipped over
They both mow
The lawn together

Papa, Look

MishaNatureWalkLook papa
I am a fairy princess
With magical wings

“Misha, that’s wonderful”

Look papa
I’m taking my blanket for a walk

“Misha, that’s wonderful”

Look papa

Papa what do you really think?
What do you really feel?
Do you really see me?

See me jump
See me fall
See me slide down
Be a snake on a wall

C’mon papa
Look up
Show me your face

Put away your phone


Disengaged Rat

He sat for long
With folded knees

Contemplating loops
No birds
No bees

White walls
Grey desk
Humming PCs

Polite as a mouse
Bosses to please

Meetings about meetings
Vision strategies

Conformance training
HR policies

Morale events
Designed to appease

Corporate values
What the fuck
Are these?

He stood up today
To ask the trees

Can someone please
Move my cheese!


(Source of inspiration for this one – chats with my friend Sarah and posts from her Happy Rat blog, such as this and this :))

Don’t shut the voice

Don’t shut the voice
That cries to be heard
Yet when it speaks
It’s not me
The language of the tongue
Is not the voice of the soul
But I think you hear me
Dear friend
Thank you
Don’t ask for a plan
Don’t ask if it will work
Don’t question me
For the voice you hear
Is not the one that speaks
The answers I give
Are simply lips moving to your tune
But come find me in a moment
When our eyes meet
And together
We will see what is possible
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