Sameer BhangarHello and welcome to my writing playground. This About page is where I’m supposed to talk about my wonderful achievements, titles, labels and awards. The parts of my life and persona that somehow define who I am, and help gain credibility and worthiness. I find that any labels, especially just the good-sounding stuff seem one-sided and limiting, and yet to philosophize and ramble about the merits of an About page seems overly pretentious.

So here’s my work in progress About Me list:

  • I grew up in Bombay, India (will always be home)
  • I spent the first half of my life in India and second half in the U.S.
  • I live with my wife and two kids in Seattle
  • I like whiskey (just took a sip so had to throw that in)
  • I like to see the best in people (mostly)
  • I want people to see the best in themselves
  • I worked at a large tech company for many years (very grateful to Microsoft)
  • I lead team workshops, manager programs, and co-teach leadership classes
  • I enjoy philosophical meandering
  • I have many internal resistances, insecurities and fears that I’m not comfortable sharing (as yet)
  • I like hanging out with friends (especially when there’s no agenda)
  • I like long walks
  • I’ve been writing poems on and off since 2012
  • I read at the Works In Progress open mic nights at the Hugo House in Seattle.
  • I have a tendency to ramble on (or so my wife says)
  • I love personal stories (especially when told with feeling)
  • I’ve posted few poems and articles at

 I’ll use this personal blog as a writing space to share:

  • Poems – mostly about my life experiences, impressions, struggles, joys, paradox
  • Little observations and tidbits from the day
  • Stream of consciousness ramblings on whatever is going on in my head
  • Work by others that resonates – writers, artists, teachers, speakers, friends, etc.
  • Life stories about myself and others


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